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Designer Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez a fashionable women clothing

The Fashion Industry had its beginning in the 19th century. Although, it began in Europe and the USA, but globalization helped it reach many other parts of the world. And, after the boom of fashion in India, fashion designers & garment manufacturers geared up and began crafting ethnic Indian clothes matching the standards of today’s trends. India is known all over the world as a land of variety and the same is true in the case of fashion trends. There are many stylish trends that come & go, yet one trend that is present here for a long time now and has developed with many decades, it is ‘Salwar Kameez’.
Salwar KameezWhen it concerns ethnic women attire, there appears to be an unlimited range like kurtis, sarees, leggings, lehengas etc. However, there is one outfit that outshines all others and definitely, it is the Salwar Kameez.
Silk Sarre
This outfit has its roots form Punjab in India. Salwar suit has evolved over time and now has become very popular all over the world that now they are also presented in major fashion ramps globally.
Salwar suitSalwar Kameez, as the name suggests that it is conventional Indian women attire liked by women of all ages all around the world. Today, it has become a daily wear outfits for women, not just in India, but also in neighboring nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of South & Central Asia. Designer Salwar Kameez is a 3-piece apparel in which the Salwar, (lower part) is like a trouser or pyjamas having wide legs broad at the top and slim at ankles. And, the Kameez is a lengthy top or tunic which has both the sides open just below the midsection line to give the wearer a free movement. Generally, Salwar Kameez is paired with a dupatta, a stole that works like a trendy accessory & also completes the whole attire.
Designer Salwar KameezThe worldwide popularity earned by this Indian women attire is because of the fact that it matches all events and gives a comfortable feeling to the wearer. It is not just elegant in look, but also the most comfortable attire of all & this is the main reason behind its international popularity.

Salwar kameez comes in many variations – unstitched suits, semi-stitched suits and ready-to-wear suits which ladies can select as per their preference. In the beginning, Salwar kameez was worn by only some communities of the society in India, but then it crossed all the limits and reached to women all over the world. Despite the fact that Sarees still are the numero uno in Indian ethnic clothing family, but Salwar kameez is also liked by millions of women. With growing number of educated and working women, the demand for this wonderful outfit is always increasing as women are using Salwar kameez as a daily wear for home and office due to the comfort it offers.

All the things written above conclude that Salwar kameez has really managed to achieve the place of most adorable attire for women across the globe & with frequently changing designs & patterns, this outfit is definitely going to stay here & will continue to hold its position as one of the most stylish Indian ethnic attire for women.

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