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Ethnic Kurta Pyjama

The Most Relaxing Casual Wear for Men

Kurta Pajama is a very comfortable dress for men. It has emerged as a new fashion statement for the contemporary
Ethnic Kurta PyjamaThe long top almost getting to the knee is known as ‘Kurta’ while ‘Pajama’ is the lower part of this attire. Plain Kurta may or may not feature collars. If there is a collar, then it is short and also round. Kurta Pajama is an important part of Indian clothing for men since the time of monarchy in India. Formerly, it was totally for men, however now it has actually become a unisex clothing and an important element in the Indian women’s clothes. Males typically opt for loose fitting Pajamas or tight fitting Churidars. As it is very comfortable and easy to wear and looks good, Kurta Pajama is widely popular among Indian men for wearing it both casually and formally.
Cotton Kurta Pyjama
Geenrally, Kurta Pajama is gently weighted and very popular for casual wear, but now with embroidery along with other heavy materials, this attire is furthermore turning into formal. Because of its causal appeal, it is better used as a sleepwear by men in India. Fabrics like khaddar, jute and wool are generally used in addition to silk and fine cotton fabric to make this relaxing clothing. For a noteworthy appearance, mainly fragile and usual colors are liked by men. Nonetheless, there is definitely no color limits for this traditional men clothing.
designer Kurta PajamaAnd, now designer Kurta Pajama is also becoming popular as a party wear. Wearing a designer version of this attire, men of all ages look stunning. Generally, this outfit comes in full sleeves, and official Kurta Pajama is worn on different occasion like marriage and festivals etc.

These days, markets are swamped with the latest designs of men’s Kurta Pajamas. To grab the attention of the modern-day style conscious Indian men, the Ethnic Kurta pajama has undergone decorative modifications. Nowadays, Kurta Pajamas are available in a wide collection of neck lines with exceptional styles and beautiful embroidery works to suit your preferences.

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